Not entirely a book review, but it is

I just finished the third book in Lisa Shearin’s SPI files. They are so fun. I read the first one, The Grendel Affair, when it first came out. I bought the second, The Dragon Conspiracy, and then somehow forgot about it. Then The Brimstone Deception came out last month and I realized I had some rbrimstone-deception_finaleading to do. The happy thing is that I had two to read back-to-back and that was so fabulous. The unhappy thing is that I don’t have another to chew through. Damn.

Anyhow, the SPI books take place in New York City and revolve around a supernatural non-official police force. There’s a lot of police procedure, adventure, snark, and a hint of romance. The character interactions are just so much fun. Smart and funny and serious and in the latest book, you get to meet the great great great . . . grandaughter of the witch who built Hansel’s and Gretel’s gingerbread house. Only Kitty’s not a child-eater. You’ve got a wide cast of characters, and a variety of cool stuff going on. I really recommend you just go get all three, stock up on some munchies and your drink of choice, and hunker down for a good long, lovely read. Really.

And then, because she’s just so much fun, watch Jeanne Robertson. A very fun, very clean comedian. You’ll laugh.


    • Di Francis

      Oh I have envy. I would love to see her live. I may have to pick your brains about funny stories and characters for a book I’m sort of working on between others. When is the next SPI book out? And please tell me there will be one. Or ten.

      • lisa shearin

        I’m writing the next SPI book now — The Ghoul Vendetta — which will be out this time next year. I have four more books already plotted, and no plans to stop after those. One of them has Mac taking a “vacation” to go back home to NC to visit her family that doesn’t go quite as planned. ; )

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