Stepping Out

I’ve been actively attempting to be, oh, active. I’m starting smaller with just making sure I get so many steps each day with no breaks. I set the count a little low (5K) to make sure I can hit it fairly easily. Working a sedentary job means that I often forget to get up and move. My main goal is to do this every day with no breaking the chain. I’m up to 18 days. My feet and calves and shins are a little bit sore. I need to work on stretching. I keep not doing that. But I’ve been feeling fairly energetic. Pretty pleased with that.  I’ve had a few days where I’ve pushed the workout a little bit more, but the main importance is to a) get in the minimum and b) every day. Once I’m not hurting so much and feeling pretty good about it, I’ll push the minimum up.

I got to meet a Swedish Vallhund puppy today. So cute. It’s pretty much a wolf-colored corgi. And so sweet. He was four months old. I didn’t have my boys with me. Wish I had. I took pictures, but they didn’t turn out so well, but here’s a quick picture. I’ve heard of them before but never seen one in the fur, so to speak. He was adorable and so very sweet.

In the meantime, I’m revising books. I’m hoping to have announcements soon. Oh! but I do have one. I’ve a Horngate short story coming out in August in an anthology. It’s got stories by Seanan Mcguire, Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Faith Hunter, and lots more.  The anthology is called Urban Enemies, and I’m going to have a copy to give away soon (of an ARC). Keep an eye on this blog and my newsletter for details. If you want to preorder, click here or on the cover:

We’ve also been out digging for petrified wood and finding some really great pieces. Going to be going out and doing more of it soon. The last time we went, a guy found a piece of carnelian limb cast. It was amazingly clear carnelian and it was shaped like a slice of wood. I can’t wait to go back and see what we can find. My husband found this one cool piece that was a little round piece of a limb. It had rotted in little columns through the wood and then those holes filled with agate. The outside is petrified wood. I’m really excited about seeing it polished. That’s something we hope to learn to do this summer. There’s a local rock and gem club we’ve been meaning to join and they offer access to equipment at a low price.

I also want to go hiking around Silver Falls State Park, and to the Tamolitch blue pool on the Mackenzie river. It’s beautiful.

Basically I want to get outside and get moving more. I like to, but I can’t seem to get over entropy sometimes. Which is completely annoying about me. Sigh.



  • JenM

    What a cute pup! I adore corgis and that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the photo – a wolf-looking corgi LOL.

    As for exercise, sadly, it never gets easier to motivate yourself. I’ve been exercising regularly for 30 yrs, but I still could drop it right now and not be sorry. All you can do is remind yourself of how much better you’ll feel, and how much healthier you’ll be if you stick with it. I’m in far better shape that most people my age and I attribute that entirely to my exercise habits.

    • Di Francis

      I’ve always wanted to meet a valhound in person, and this was a puppy, so even better. And sweet.

      I’m afraid (knowing myself) that if I give myself even one day off, I’ll find excuses to stop again. I’m hoping at some point I’ll have done it for so long that I don’t even have to think about whether I want to, I just do it. I’m not even walking all that fast, but I am getting my heart rate up some. I figure the more aerobically able I get, the more I can speed up. I’d actually like to manage to run a mile. I hate running, but for whatever reason, that has lodged in my head as something i *really* want to do. And I have felt really good. I don’t think I understand how good I can feel when I’m being a sloth and how not good I’m feeling.

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