The Progress Progresses

It’s not news, but I’ve been lamentably not keeping up to date here.  I’ve been writing, but slowly. I AM getting ready to release The Elf Job. I’m making last passes through the manuscript as I am finding little bits that I’ve got to clean up from changes I made. I keep finding little things I overlooked. Specifically, pronoun stuff. It’s like combing for lice. It seems I keep missing one and it turns into a hundred. It’s obnoxious.

I’m also making a lot of progress on Shatter of Light, the last of the Diamond City Magic books. I’ll also be releasing The Pixie Job by itself soon. The anthology with RJ Blain, Devon Monk, me, and Faith Hunter has expired, as it were, and so it will be released on its own.

I’ve found myself buried under a teaching workload that turned into more than I expected, which has sucked up my time and also my brain. On top of that, I’ve been helping figure out a new apartment for my son, which has been more difficult than it should have been. I’ve done a little camping in the new trailer. We went up to Idaho and Washington and saw family and looked for rocks. It was fun and a much needed reprieve.

We were hit with the 117 degree weather. Unfortunately I had to be out in it, which was, um, unpleasant? Obnoxious? Awful? I was seriously glad to be out of it when it finally ended and was incredibly grateful to have AC.

The last few months have passed in a slow blur. Is that possible? I can hardly think about what I managed to get done. It’s almost surreal. I have rewatched Midsomer Murders, which apparently is very soothing. Apparently it’s my brain’s version of comfort food.

Has anybody been reading anything good lately? I’m in the mood for some romantic suspense.


  • Jennie

    Hi love Diamond City Magic do you have a release date yet ?
    Read this really good fantasy romance
    G.A. Aiken-Dragon Kin series ,The Scarred Earth Saga
    Jennifer I Armentrout-From Blood and Ash series

  • Stacy Brown

    Thanks for the updates! Diamond City Magic was my question as well so thanks to Jennie for posting that question. You really got me hooked good with DCM!

    If you are looking for a good read, I just recently was introducted to the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) and it is phenomenal. Crime solving and some steamy romance! You’ve probably already heard of this series. It’s been around for a while. There are over 50 books, but they are all new to me!

  • Deborah Nicholson

    I’ve been really enjoying Death In Paradise on PBS, unfortunately off while they fundraise. But it’s entertaining and light. Rizzoli and Isles is on Lifetime movie.

    I LOVE JD Robb. Very different voice than Nora Roberts.

    Have you read Meghan Ciiana Doidge’s books? I love all of them, but my favorite is the Oracle ones. They’re on Kindle, but not KU. try “I See Me” in the Kindle ones, unless you want to read in order. The 1st in the Dowser series is really low priced. or free. I forget. I have paid for these books. I think it’s 23 or 24 now. All the same universe, different series that crossover.

    I keep following you because I absolutely adored Putting the Fun in Funeral. Sequal? Ever?


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