Dirty Deeds 2 Little Snippets

The following are two little bits from the different stories in the book. Just to whet your appetite for more. These are from mine and Faith’s. More coming soon!

From Putting the Chic in Psychic:
“What are your plans for the day?” He asked, interrupting my rambling train of thought.

“I’m going to check on the construction progress, and I have a couple potential clients to meet with about sales this weekend. Later, I’m having dinner with the girls. What about you?”

“More of the same. Sorting out your aunt’s financial estate. It’s like picking apart a gordian knot.”

“Sounds horrifying.”

The corners of his mouth kicked up. “I enjoy puzzles. There’s no satisfaction like solving a difficult one.”

“I like puzzles just fine, but that mess is sheer torture.”

“Which is why you have me to sort it out for you.”

“Lighting it on fire would be more satisfying.”


From Magic School for Geezers:

Dani was perched in one of the visitors’ chairs in the office as the COO perused her computer screen. Margorie Devoe, the Chief Operating Officer of “The Seven’s,” was behind her desk, making her wait. Hoping to make her squirm. Make her worry.

Power games pissed Dani off; always had. But she knew how this game was played. She relaxed into the stiff-backed chair and sipped the coffee. It was still hot, so she hadn’t been here as long as it felt like. She lifted a hand and stroked her pearls, an affectation that went along with her undercover ID and fake personal and professional history.

She had spent the early morning in the lab, while the techs, the psychologist, and the counselor tested her magical abilities, and then the later morning filling out paperwork: medical records, financial records, personal and professional history. Part of the paperwork was true, the rest was total fiction and was currently being run through “The Seven’s” IT department for verification. If her cover didn’t hold, if someone picked holes in her false identification, she’d be tossed out on her butt, and their client would have no way to find their missing family member.

The laboratory testing had taken place in a void room and Dani had failed. Utterly. On purpose. Instead of igniting the candle, or heating the cup of water with her power, she had blown up a computer and the desk it had been sitting on, and then set a wooden doorway on fire, the blaze so hot she had set off the fire alarm and the fire department had shown up, lights, sirens, and hunky first responders, most young enough to be her grandsons.

Blowing things up and setting things on fire had been fun, and not something she’d done on purpose in years.


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