New Book and New Tattoos

Putting the Chic in Psychic is out and hopefully people are liking it. I always hit this point of walking around sort of waving my hands around helplessly as I wait to hear from readers. It’s excessively silly and nerve wracking. I feel like I should be doing some sort of promo thing, but honestly I’m clueless. Also I need to take my 88 year old mother to my niece’s wedding in a week. It’s a 10 hour drive, we’ll go down on Monday and come back Friday, and it’s going to be fucking hot. Or under water, depending if Hilary makes it that far up the central valley of California. My hubby is coming with. The dogs are going to be unhappy. Except for seeing my niece get married, I’d rather go camping. I haven’t gone in over a year. And also, my mom has become exceedingly forgetful, so there’s that.

I’m listening to Elle King’s America’s Sweetheart. Please listen to it. It’s fun.

Here’s a secret guilty pleasure: Sister Wives. I hate Kody and am looking forward to watching his exes finally call him on his shit. I also started watching Shelter and I like it.

I got new tattoos. I mentioned this. I am now providing pictures. The jack rabbit is hard to get a picture of. Sorry. Above it is a crow. I like them a lot. They are still healing, though.

That’s about it. Love you guys.


  • Stacy L. Brown

    OMG! I stayed up WAYYYY too late last night finishing “Putting the Chic is Psychic”! I LOVED IT! Nice to see Beck handling things on her own, with her besties of course. Loved learning more about the girls! Boy…I so wish I had a posse like that! Damon off doing whatever….interesting bit of a twist there. Chandeler bit and the ghost…I laughed so hard! The only ding I can give you is that it was way too short because I love the characters and world so much. Now I have to wait for a whole…4 weeks! UGH! I’m making my way through your entire collection right now. Had to resort to dowloading some of your older books in PDF format but that’s okay. It’s just harder to see the order. No worries.

    Tatoos look amazing!

    • Di Francis

      Hi Stacy! Thank you so much! Putting the Ice in Nice is even more fun if you ask me. I can’t wait to see what readers actually think. (Watch me gnaw my fingernails off).

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