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How’s everybody doing? What are you doing? Check in here! That horse that’s the featured image with the flowers is one I’m currently working on. Started painting the flowers last night. Why is it that what makes me feel creative and happy is also frustrating and difficult?


  • Joyce Reynolds-Ward

    Lessee. I’ve been wrestling with alternatives to TinyLetter and Substack. I’ve found a service to work for the blog–the Substack list–but the newsletter list refuses to load on the best option. Oh well, I have a week or so before I need to get the newsletter out and I do have a partial list loaded. Just not the big one. Sigh.

    Writing stuff no one wants to read…you know, science fantasy western with relationship elements. Soft science and soft magic. The readers are there, but where?

    Having fun with the new horse while trying to keep the old mare happy is…amusing. But New Boi just looooves people and will darn near meet me at the gate while the old mare prefers that I march across the snow-covered field to catch Her Highness.

    Otherwise, just writing and hanging out.

    • RW Hansen

      I am a fan of Science Fantasy Western. I love Unicorn Western by Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant or Space Deputy by Jenny Schwartz to name a couple.

    • Bryan Monson

      Made a cool as hell steampunk fountain pen and the dodged a bullet with frozen water pipes. If things will clear up enough, I can get my wood shipment in and think about next project…likely something on the scrollsaw or pill holders on the lathe.

  • RW Hansen

    Sorry for your loss. I lost my dad in September and am going through some of the same issues, so I can relate. I am staying sane by binge-reading everything in sight and watching Voiceplay & Geoff Castelucci music videos.

  • George Corcona

    I’vee been good so far , tho I’m thinking it’s getting time to look for a newer car. The one we’ve got now is a 2k6 model, and needs more repairs than I can take on , financially, and physically. Other than that ? Reading a lot and gaming on my computer.

  • MissyS

    Love the detailing!! So the frustrating and difficult, when it comes out gorgeous like this, makes you feel happy b/c you succeeded!! <3

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