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Thursday, August 28th, 2014
Instead of ranting

I have things to rant on. Longmire is canceled, which pisses me off to no end. I hope someone else picks it up. The writing is too good, the acting too good, the show too damned good, to just let vanish. Also, I am irritated by something I happen to listen to today involving a Christian mother and grandmother condemning the son/grandson for being gay. It was an entirely recorded conversation of the event and let me just say– No. I won’t. So I’ll say this. Being gay isn’t a choice. I have more rantiness on the subject, but I don’t want my head to pop off. Also, on an unrelated note, science is. Deal with the facts.

Now, instead of ranting, I shall tell you what I bought today. I got an old butter churn of the turn-the-handle variety, and I got a typewriter. I’ve wanted one a long time. This has some cool bells and whistles. I’m not sure I know how it all works. I cleaned it up a little, but I need to do some more. It’s very dusty. But I really love it. I’ve wanted a cool old typewriter for a long time. I found it at an estate sale.

2014-08-28 11.19.44Tomorrow is the release of Trace of Magic. I’m nervous. And I really need some reviews in places, so again, let me plead for buying, reading, reviewing, shouting the news. You will have my undying gratitude. If you happen to be at DragonCon, check out the Bell Bridge books booth for print copies.

I’ve got a post and a tiny snippet on Literary Escapism today.

I leave you with an earworm. But with a purpose! First, thing get the BeeGees Nightfever in your head. Then change Nightfever to Light Saber. And then . . . come up with more words so someone can filk that baby. Let me start you off–

Gimme a light saber, light saber,

Obi wan can do it!

Swing that light saber, Light saber,

close your eyes and kill it!


now you. Go!



Friday, December 27th, 2013
the fingers be crossed

Boy has only barfed once in the past three days. I am hoping he’s really improving.

I’ve been eating and cooking and playing cards and having a great time this week. My folks will be leaving in a few days. Then I’ll have to get back to writing. That will be a good thing, but first I’ll want to figure out what the hell I want to write. I have plenty to do. Plus I can always hope I’ll hear on my two outstanding proposals. That would be a lovely New Year’s Gift.

I also want to get back to walking and moving. Just getting my body going. This last month has been stressful, especially with the boy, so I haven’t been doing much for myself. I’d like to do that.

The doggies have hated the change in schedule. They’ve been completely woe-ful. Full of woe. Wooooooeeeee. And sadness. Much sadness. My mom’s dogs are staying with us (we currently have a bit of a corgi horde. A school of corgi sharks.

I still want to get out and see a movie with the kids. If only the boy-of-size feels well enough. I hope I can get outside for awhile. I have some gardening things I want to do. Some leaves to get rakes up. That sort of thing.

Rewatching some Bones. I still have trouble believing that Zach ever worked with the Gormogon. Was never believable.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013
Thoughts on Scandal

I recorded a bunch of Scandal episodes and have recently started catching up (ie watching them). I originally wanted to watch because I miss The West Wing. I like the political drama and I like the fast-paced dialog. I also like several of the actors: Josh Malina (who should be in the Whedonverse somewhere, really) and Gregg Henry, who plays Hollis. He’s one of the best bad guys ever.

I’m discovering a couple of things. First, that watching a TV show all the way through and not waiting a week or however long between episodes makes you think differently. You get a better chance to collect up the clues and the developments. On the other hand, it’s easy to burn out. I’m burning out.

At this point in the show, I don’t have anyone I particularly like, except the two characters above, and that’s largely because they, at least, aren’t hypocritical. And of course, that’s part of the point–absolute power corrupts absolutely, and so does some. So does ambition. I’m going to be spoilerific now. So go ahead and stop if you don’t want to know. Although all these episodes aired ages ago.

Right now, we’ve discovered that there’s been a massive conspiracy and that just about everybody is involved now (including the president, even though he wasn’t involved in the original conspiracy). I like how everyone is struggling with what they want and what is right. But a lot of that is slipping into being despicable. The president, who is incredibly resentful and angry and feeling betrayed, just killed a woman to protect the secret. Because, well, why not? (My reaction was: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?)

I was wondering when did he become capable of that? After all, he’s been willing to destroy his political career for his mistress–finding out that the election was rigged just does it another way and doesn’t give the same payoff, but still, now he’s suddenly willing to commit murder? He’s in a situation now where he can’t trust anyone, which make him interesting, but he’s so very bitter and angry and repulsively vicious. Can’t like him.

Cyrus nearly had the love of his life killed to prevent it from coming out. And on top of that he, and a lot of the other characters, have this amazing ability to lie so convincingly without batting an eyelash that it makes me want to vomit. They can turn it on and off like a faucet. I’m beginning to think they are psycopaths. There’s not a lot human in there and nothing to sympathize with.

You have the ‘gladiators’ who are totally loyal to Olivia despite the fact that she causes them terrible pain and screws up their lives. She manipulates them and when they discover it, because she ‘must have her reasons,’ it’s enough.

So basically, I’m not sure I enjoy this at all anymore. But I plan to watch the season out to see what the writers do. I’m interested in the writing here because if they can pull the characters back to a sympathetic connection with the watchers, I want to know how. Right now, I’m not seeing any good guys. On the other hand, I watch Justified and can’t help liking Boyd, as dreadful a person as he is. Because he’s understandable to me. And maybe that’s the problem with Scandal. I don’t see how these people are staying in character.