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I’m so pleased to announce the re-release of The Cipher! It’s a gorgeous book. Trade size and just look at the cover. It’s STUNNING. I’m so pleased with it.

If you read the original version, it’s much the same, though there have been some edits to strengthen the characters more.

Lucy Trenton’s ability to sense majick is one of her most dangerous secrets. But only one.

A blackmailer knows the other.

Suddenly, Lucy is caught in a treasonous plot to destroy the crown, and she’s trapped in the tentacles of a desperate, destructive majick. Her only hope is ship captain Marten Thorpe, who–by every account–cannot be trusted. With time running out, Lucy must find a way to win a dangerous game or lose everything she holds dear.

Here is a really thorough review at Fantasy is More Fun.



If you’re looking for a fun read, check out the latest in my Horngate series, Blood Winter. It’s the fourth book* in the series and I think you’ll love it. It’s full of action, snark, romance, friendship, heroism, and laughter.

*Previously this was the last book, but I’m happy to announce that Samhain Publishing will be continuing the series! The next two books are currently title Bone Dreams and Stone Thaw. I believe they’ll release in 2015, but watch here for more info or sign up for my newsletter to get updates!


What reviewers are saying::

Romantic Times says: The fourth outing in Pharaoh Francis’ gut-wrenching series finds the characters facing winter, food shortages and the loss of fellow warriors. As always, the relationships in these books are complex, knotty and subject to misinterpretation; so along with knife-edged danger, there are plenty of emotional bombs to be dropped. Truly dark urban fantasy at its best!
From The Demon Librarian: the story was engaging, well-paced, amusing, emotional, exhilarating, intense…I mean, I could just go on and on. It was just superb urban fantasy. So what are you waiting for, hmm? Go grab yourself a copy right now!

From Bitten By Paranormal Romance: It was great, when can I get the next one? Get this series, get this book.

From Gimme the Scoop: The Horngate Witches is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy Series and it seems it only gets better with each book.

The Reading Cafe says: What I love the best, is she has created such wonderful characters, who you cannot help but like. I loved Max, as she is one of the best female kickass heroines. Francis’s supporting characters within Horngate, including the witches and shadowblades are awesome. Terrific writing by Diana Pharaoh Francis, and Blood Winter was a fascinating read.

Read the first chapter

My short story, Nothing Left To Lose, has just been re-released in Wolfsongs 2. You should definitely have a look.

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