Happy New Year!

Watched Lockout last night, which is an SF movie starring Guy Pearce. I liked it. It was simple, a bit cliche, and yet, I had a good time with it. I’d recommend it.

Today we did relatively little. We wanted to go to Silver Falls State Park but it was raining and we got a late start and forgot water for dogs or us, so we’re going to try for tomorrow. And this time I’ll also bring a rain jacket. I know, it’s Oregon, I should have just taken it with me.

We’re not doing much for New Year. Or anything, really. Goofing with the kids mostly. Hoping the congress critters actually avert the fiscal cliff stuff (apparently they are close). Petting dogs.

I’ve decided on a resolution. My friend always says that you are responsible for the energy you bring into a room. Another good way of saying you’re responsible for how your are and can’t control other people. So my resolution is to try to bring more positive energy into the room at all times. I am going to work on a more positive attitude toward stuff in general.

Anybody out there have resolutions?

Have a lovely, wonderful, amazing year. 2012 has been a tough one for a lot of people, including me. Here’s hoping 2013 is tremendous.

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