Quick! Help me!

I’m helping out on a GISHWHES (call me a minion) and I need some reasons why telegraphs will be making a comeback. Gimme all you got. I’m working up a script and I need more. MORE. And fast. Shoot them at me. Please!


  • Koren C

    non vocal so your voice would not be recognized

    multiple codes can be used as long as the sender and receiver know them

  • L.S. Taylor

    A massive virus wipes out the Internet (from something *other* than Porn but something extremely stupid), and some other cataclysmic event knocks out all of the cell phone towers in the world. Or in a certain region, anyway …

  • Koren C

    Control of internet/cellular/sattellite/telephone communtication seized by government/military/religious sect/evil villian/do gooders or any combination there of

  • Jennifer K

    A large number of people decide to form a colony dedicated to living simply. They choose to avoid higher forms of technology as they believe that it is controlled by the government. In order to do this, they retreat to the wild and only allow a telegraph wire to bring them news.
    You did ask…
    Telegraph is interesting. Any person could intercept the message and read it if they had the key. And if the line is accessible, people could have a portable telegraph to attach to it I think.

  • Adrianne

    The very wealthy have decided to hell with constant interrupts. They use telegraphs to communicate among themselves, and have servants deliver them on silver platters.

  • Charity

    Higher frequency devices and direct-connects have been disabled… It is being used because it is a more covert way to communicate since no one uses it anymore…Other electronics have been fried by an EM pulse and to use a telegraph type, you just need a line and a way to tap it…birds can be trained to tap out messages…. an old telegraph is found after the rest of the electronics have been disabled and it is still working and active like underwater lines that were put in place by the government and then forgotten about…

  • Kim May

    So people can send tweets in areas where there is no cell service or wifi.

    It would be a fun activity at a steampunk convention.

    In preparation for the day when our alien overlords wipe out communications.

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