This last week we found out my dog had cancer on the spleen and had to put him to asleep. I can’t begin to say how hard this is for me and how much it hurts. He was special. He’d chosen me for reasons I’ll never understand, but if I moved, he looked at me to see where we were going. He ‘herded’ me by walking in front of me and looking over his shoulder to make sure I was still following. He wouldn’t go to someone else’s call without me at least telling him he should. He loved me in a ways that seems like a miracle and it was.  He was the sweetest and most amazing dog an

d I can’t seem to do much, especially writing. The Elf Job is on hold for the moment until I can collect myself. Below are pictures of my Voodoo boy.


  • Katherine Klein

    Sorry for your loss. They’re family, and losing them feels like losing a family member. Take care of yourself, first. When you’re ready, we’ll look forward to reading The Elf Job

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