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Hi Everyone. I sent my newsletter out and for some reason known only to the computer gremlins, it only sent to a very few people. I am copying and pasting in the main text of it here, and hopefully the gremlins will be subdued or placated or perhaps just put into a food coma and I’ll be able to actually send this out soon. The fungus image is a picture I took the other day.

Happy 2022 my friends.

I’ve not been sending you things of late, for which I apologize. The holidays happened, my son got Covid, but luckily it was a mild case, various other things, but of most import is the fact that my aging parents have reached the point where they need help.

My parents grew up in the depression and later became cattle ranchers. They have always been fiercely independent, proud, and private. Unfortunately, this has led to a situation where my mother did not want to admit how difficult caring for my father has been, and how much his health has been declining. I live a state away and so I don’t see them as regularly as I would wish.

A couple weeks ago, dad ended up in the hospital, where he is still today. He’ll be going into hospice because while he’s getting better physically, mentally he is not. The good news is that my mother and he will be able to live together in an apartment at an assisted care place and hospice will come in there. The other good news is they have long term care insurance.

What it means to me is two different things. First, I know I’m losing my dad soon. Whether he passes or whether his mind goes, it’s inevitable and I’m trying very hard to come to terms with it. I know it’s life. I know he would not want to continue this way. I am having a hard time reconciling the dad I always remember and have in my heart—hale and hearty and bigger than life—and the man who he is now. They are the same, and yet they are not.

The other thing it means is that I’ll be taking over for my parents on a lot of fronts. I want them to worry about as little as possible. I am just hoping nothing falls through the cracks.

In other news, Scatter of Light is getting closer to publication. I’m not sure when it will be out, but finally you’ll know what happened after Gregg jumped and Cass was shot. It’s a big fat book and I hope you love it. I’ll update you more as I know things, but I expect it’ll be out in a couple of months probably.

I’m also working on Putting the Chic in Psychic. It’s the second Everyday Disasters book and will be published in another Dirty Deeds anthology, this time including me, Faith Hunter, Devon Monk, R.J. Blain, and Jennifer Estep. You can preorder at your favorite online bookstore. Here’s a link to Amazon.

I’ve also been painting and sculpting plastic horses, which has been a real blessing, mostly because it’s a little bit like meditating and it helps me cope.

The Indigo Solution
The Indigo Solution
The Indigo Solution is the first book in a series by Patricia Rice. Because she is a kind soul, she gave me an early copy and I devoured it. It’s quirky, light, fun, sweet, and has a hint of romance. I couldn’t wait to recommend it to you. Do yourself a favor and preorder. You will totally not regret it.
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Good Neighbors
Good Neighbors
Stephanie Burgis also kindly allowed me to read an early copy of her new book and it’s so wonderful. Like The Indigo Solution, it’s quirky and spooky and has some romance and unusual magic and it’s so fun. With all the stuff going on with my folks, these two books were just good for my soul. Now get the hence and preorder both. You won’t regret it.
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If you think you might be interested in supporting me via Patreon, you can find me here. I’ve recently been posting juicy deleted scenes from Shatter of Light. 

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  • Mitchell Stewart

    Dear Diana,

    I sent you a reply via your website so I won’t be too redundant here, just my thoughts and best wishes to you in this difficult time. In the other message I copied a piece from Rebecca Goldstein that I once used for a class that I taught, and that you may find not so much helpful (can anything help) but appropriate.

    Very Best Regards,


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