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Saturday, August 17th, 2013
Where does the time go?

I heard from a friend the other day that faculty meetings start this next week. I won’t be there. I wanted to drink some champagne. Because, you know, I always love me some faculty meetings and I wanted to drink my sorrows at missing them away.

Had a good crowd for the reading up in Portland. I was terribly nervous. Read from Trace of Magic. I think it went well. I hope so.

I started re-reading The Cipher today. I haven’t looked at it since I published it in 2007. It was a bit of a revelation. It’s good. Really.  It has good storytelling and worldbuilding and I like my characters. This is one of those moments of partial relief–wow! I really can write! and total fear–are my latest books as good? And then there’s that moment of, why the hell didn’t these books do better? Fantasy lovers should have been all over them.

BTW, this isn’t just dejavu or me having a walk down memory lane, I will be writing more Crosspointe world stuff. Seriously. I would love to write a novella or novel or more following what ever happen to Sarah and Lucy’s family. But more important is telling the rest of the story. I want to do that.

Laura Anne Gilman stayed with us for a couple of days. It was huge fun and the kids and doggies loved her. They want her to come back. Soon. Hear that Laura Anne? We also did something incredibly silly and funny for Gishwhes, which also appalled my son. There will hopefully be a picture sometime in the future once Laura Anne is free to reveal them.

And now, anon. Possibly there will be blackberry picking tomorrow. Possibly the hanging of pictures in the house. Possibly napping.


Friday, March 15th, 2013
The day that was/is

Remember that post I made with the saddle that reminded me of Sheri Tepper’s Grass? Today I got awesome spam mail wanting to buy it. Bwahahahaha! And if it *was* like the Grass device, they’d be so very sorry to get it, too.

I’m getting closer to getting the WIP in progress right. Got feedback from my agent today. I have some tweaks and a cool and interesting addition to make that I hadn’t thought of before and then, hopefully, I’ll be set.

Bon Jovi has a new album out. I want to get it. I remember seeing them for the Slippery When Wet Tour in Fresno with Cinderella opening.

My lovely and wonderful husband surprised me with flowers today. Terribly surprising, given he’s in Oregon. I cried. I admit it. Love that man. Miss him. Two weeks til I get to see him again.

All the Crosspointe books and two of the Path books (three will come soon), are available on Audible.com. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, so if anyone has, how are they?

If you haven’t seen this, it’s hilarious. Poor sales guy.

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013
News and questions

First the news: The first three Horngate books are on sale for $1.99 on Kindle and is also on sale on Nook and Kobo. Do me a favor and spread the work. Maybe I can get new readers reading!!! They’ve never been on sale before, and I don’t know how long it will last, so go quick!!!

Bitten By Books is hosting me tomorrow for a day of fun, and you can win stuff! There’s an Amazon gift card on the line, and a homemade scarf (made by me!!!). RSVP here for additional chances to win!

On the question front: I need to figure out how to increase the power/range of the router in Salem. I‘m looking at this. I don’t know if it’s a good solution, or even the better or best solution. The router in Salem is downstairs, and we need to increase the range upstairs because the man’s computer isn’t hooking in that well and the Roku sometimes cuts out.

I don’t know a lot about this stuff, so I’d like all info you’ve got or any places you can direct me for more info.

Friday, September 21st, 2012
Official and other news

It’s official. I have signed contracts to make my Path novels and my Crosspointe novels into Audio Books through Audible.com. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to hear how they sound.

And in other news, if you’re a blogger or a reviewer and want to get copies of Blood Winter or any of the other Horngate books, pop me an email and I’ll get it done. Giveaways are also possible. And if you’d like me to guest blog or interview or podcast or anything of that sort for you, let me know. dpf @ dianapfrancis.com

I wish I knew how to do a book trailer. I’d like to have one for this release.

And now, someone is coming to look at the house shortly, so I’m going to go finish cleaning and making the house smell of cookies.

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
Excellent news!

I am more than pleased to announce that Audible.com is going to be making audio books of the Path novels and the Crosspointe Chronicles. I’m so excited. I’m bouncing off the walls.

I don’t have much else for you today. I’m just a blathering idiot about this. Pardon me while I go dancing.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
Hopeful news

It looks like there’s a publisher who may be interested in the Crosspointe books. If so, we’re looking at seeing an end to the series! Wahoo!

Monday, May 14th, 2012
of color

Kate Elliot posted an essay today called Decolonizing as an SF Writer by Rochita Loenen-Luiz. The subject is one that’s interesting to me because a lot of my dissertation and research has dealt with colonization/postcolonization/neocolonization. I think colonization is the most shaping force on all societies in the world.

But what it made me think about today was black people. You might ask why. The subject came up with my children. They were talking about the civil war, and then my son says, “I call black people African-Americans.” I said, that makes sense, but you realize that not all black people are African-American, nor do they wish to be called such. Then my daughter pipes up with “Anthony is black.” I said no, he’s Chinese. He’s racially different from white and black. Then my son pipes up with another kid who is black, and I explained no, he’s Mexican.

Now the thing is that this little town I live in is mostly white. Very white. There are a few black kids and Hawai’ian kids at the college, and then a Mexican migrant population and a fair number of Native Americans. But frankly, the day to day experience with people tends to be blindingly white. That skews the perception that all the world looks like this.

Which makes it difficult to start explaining to children about people of color and their cultural histories and the way that white people are implicated in a lot of terrible things in history. The fact is, it’s a complicated subject and I can’t do it all in a day or even a year. But it is something that I have to talk with them about now and throughout their lives. I don’t think that this history is taught in school, but it’s tremendously important. On the other hand, my kids learn a lot about the real Native American history here. The Big Hole Battlefield is not far, and neither is the Little Big Horn. I’ve been to The Big Hole Battlefield and you can feel the spirits still there. It’s an eerie, beautiful place.

You should read Loenen-Luiz’ essay. It’s well worth reading and it digs into the complexity in a very short space. What I really find important is the way she talks about the friendship/betrayal/colonizer element. That there is a real difficulty in negotiating the tangle of emotions involved in being friends with the people who are oppressing you.

When I finish my Crosspointe books, this is part of what I mean to explore, and what I’ve been setting up all along with the Jutras. I have the Crosspointe people seeing them as invaders and a sort of monolithic evil in the first book, and then slowly they learn that the Jutras are human and eventually they begin to learn that the Jutras have good reason for invading. That good and bad is not as simple as it looks.

And yes, I intend to finish them. While Roc has decided not to publish the last books, I’m looking for a publisher who will, and if not, I will do it myself. I love these books and I want to get them done.

Thursday, October 6th, 2011
Read an interview with Fairlie, Shaye and Ryland

In writing The Turning Tide, I had a terrible time becoming acquainted with the main characters. In an effort to know them, I did an interview with them. It’s terribly fun and so I thought I’d share. I particularly love Shaye’s interview. He was not easy.

Click here for the full interview

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011
What would you like to read?

I’ve been thinking about short stories. And maybe not stories . . . Maybe just scenes or vignettes. I kind of want to write some things for fun here and there. So. Here’s your chance to tell me what you’d like to read.

Stuff set in the Path universe? Who do you want to hear about? What story do you still want to hear?

Stuff set in Crosspointe? When? With whom? What do you want to know?

And Horngate? What do you want to know there?

Or something else entirely? Maybe an offshoot of the short stories on my site? Anything else?

Thursday, March 25th, 2010
The new and lovely, lovely cover for The Hollow Crown!
It comees out in June!

It comees out in June!