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Sunday, December 19th, 2010
Crimson Win Giveaway Winners

Using a random number generator, the following have one a copy of Crimson Wind. You need to email me with your address at: dpf AT dianapfrancis DOT com (replacing the AT with and @ and Dot with a . of course).

And the winners are . . .

Cheryl (commented on the webpage)
Mikaela_l (LJ)
wombat_kombat (LJ)
and one extra just for fun: ladyofshadow (LJ)

If I haven’t heard from you by Weds a.m., I’m redrawing your spot, so let me know quick!

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009
Back in the Saddle Again

Finally finished my grading. Turned in my final grades from last block and am three days into this block. And I’m exhausted. Hopefully I’ll catch up on sleep soon.

In the meantime, last call: Rosie and mallie_kite you won ARCs of Bitter Night. I need to hear from you by Friday noon or I’ll have to draw new names. At that time I’ll also draw for winners of the cover flats.

Starting tomorrow, at about 2:00 Mountain time, I’m going to start inhabiting the War Room again. Do you remember what this is? that’s where we go into the chat room, talk a few minutes, then write fast for 1/2 hour or so, then report back on progress, then chat, then do it again. I’ll be in there for a few hours each day, unless I have a meeting. Hopefully more on weekends. I hope to get some good work done, and I hope some of you will join me.

Jim Hines as an incredibly funny slush poem, Seussian style. A quote:

Would you like a hot sex scene?
I wrote it for my online ‘zine!

I do not like your pervy tale.
Your metaphors make readers pale.
Your paragraphs are pages long.
Your bad sex scene is oh so wrong!
Can people do that with their lips???
I do not like your manuscripts.

Go read it. Beverage warning. I bet you did know loo and poo rhyme, didn’t you?

I’ll hopefully see some of you tomorrow in the war room.

Friday, September 18th, 2009
ARC winners

So there were 38 entries on the ARC contest (entries on my main site here and on my livejournal blog), plus one emailed because she couldn’t get access for some reason–sorry about that Patty! I used Random.org to generate the numbers, and so without further ado, the winnders are:

Rosie and mallie_kite

Please send me your snail mail addresses to dpf @ dianapfrancis DOT com If I don’t hear from you by Monday midnight, I’ll draw again.

Thanks eveyrone for playing! Oh, and yes, later today after I finish grading (could be tomorrow) I will randomly generate winners for cover flats. So keep your eyes peeled for that because I’ll need more winners’ addresses)

Thursday, September 17th, 2009
contest reminder and updatery

So I’ve been working on grading and wrapping the block and prepping the next block. I also have an idea for a new book that I can’t write and am trying to get everything down because it will. be. awesome. Seriously. Dark and gritty and epic. And the magic is cooooooooool. Now to propose it and sell it and of course find time to write it. I told my agent about it a little and she said it gave her goose pimples.

This is your reminder about the contest. Your titles have made me giggle on a few occasions. You people amuse me. Thank you. So anyhow, go to the post and propose a title and you’ll be entered. You have til 9 a.m. Friday Mountain Time. And for you anonymous folks, do include some sort of name for me, would you?

I also have post up on sfnovelists about where novelists get our ideas.

Thursday, September 10th, 2009
Newsletter reminder

I periodically (actually highly infrequently, but I’m trying to remedy that a little) send out a newsletter of info, reminders, bits and stuff, and some of you may be on the list, and you may not. Do feel free to go the website and on the contact form send me an email to add you to the list.

Remember, contest on Monday. And I also have cover flats, so two arcs and coverflats to give away.

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
words words words

I remember reading somewhere as an undergraduate an essay by a writer. Someone had approached him and asked him what he needed to be a writer. His reply, slighly flippant, was “first you have to like words.”

Here’s the thing, as flippant as that might sound, it’s very true. And I LOVE words. I love to learn new ones (I get words of the day from dictionary.com) and I pay attention to words in books and look them up. I have dictionaries of very specific kinds of words, like the one called Home Ground for land and water masses. I have a Describer’s Dictionary. And I have a a Visual Dictionary so I can details right. And it goes on. I love to flip through them and read them.

Today, in revisions, I got to use the term: oriel windows. Isn’t oriel a lovely word? And it’s perfect! No, I”m not telling you what it is. Go look.

Saturday, August 1st, 2009
I’m a twitter

I have joined Twitter. If you want to follow me, my name there is dianapfrancis.

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
I need your help

Right now I’m working on some FAQs for the new website–you’ll have noticed that things are getting added and developed quite a bit. My list of resource links will be back eventually and the maps will be posted and all sorts of things besides all the new fiction–has anybody poked at that? Cause I thought for sure you’d be liking my love story: Blood on the Knife.

So anyhow, one of the FAQ questions is this:

What should readers know about your books before they buy them?

And you know, I think you guys are a whole lot better judge of that question than I am. So would you mind giving me your thoughts? That would be very helpful.

Thursday, June 25th, 2009
Answers to Questions

So here we go with answers to questions. Remember if you want to know something about me, the writing, particular books or what have you, post a question in the comments here or here.

So first up: asks: What kinds of books are irresistible to you? Is there a certain type of plot or character or world that you can’t get enough of?

That’s really a terrific question and I’m not sure I know the answer to it. I like books with strong heroes and heroines. I don’t like books with stupid people. I like plots that twist and turn, where there is a point to the things that happen. Smart books make me happy. I like smart dialog and wit to the stories. I like description that is evocative and not just there for ornamentation. i like reasonably happy endings. I like for there to be payoff. I like emotional depth to the characters and between characters. I like some romance in there, as long as it feels real and reasonable.

As for plots and characters I can’t get enough of . . . . Hmmm. I think I really like strong characters who end up in trouble because of strong morals of their own–which is to say, not because they are stupid, but because they won’t let some bad deed go unpunished. I don’t mind people doing stupid things out of some flaw of their character–like they know they shouldn’t run into the burning building but they need to get the dog out or some such. It’s the stupid where s/he goes out alone into the darkness when there is a serial killer hanging about that bothers me.

I don’t care much for tearjerking stories or stories of unredeemed darkness. I like romance because I think that’s natural and normal, but I don’t know that I want it taking over the story. I don’t really care for anti-hero stories, like the Thomas the Covenant stories, though I do like the Elric stories. I’m not sure why.

I like stories of heroism and I don’t like stories where women are idiot wimps. I hate stories where the man is so Alpha that the woman is dragged around by the hair and thinks that’s just the most wonderful thing ever because the man is so very very very handsome and his meanness is only a cover for some deeply hidden scars and angst. Deeply hidden. So far hidden that you just want to kick him in the balls most of the time.

I also like romping adventure.

What about all of you? What kinds of books do you find irresistable?

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

So wrote over 3K today. This is good, because I also got the copy edits for Bitter Night. So have to work on them. And write an acknowledgements page. And I have to make sure I don’t forget people, especially since a number of you have been terribly important to this book. My in-laws are coming to visit tomorrow for a few days also, so I’ll have to get some serious work done in the early a.m. every day.

So this is where I stand on The Traitor King:

43132 / 120000 words. 36% done!

I’m not actually sure it’s going to be 120K. I actually have taken to shooting for 100K, since I inevitably go longer. And since I usually add a lot in revision.  If ‘m already at 120K and add a bunch, then I have to also cut a bunch. But since the revision process means that I probably already cut all the fat AND added in new stuff, it leaves me with a lean manuscript and little to cut. This is crazy-making. So the long and the short of it is that I’m actually further along than that looks. But most importantly, I’m on track to have a draft by my birthday, which will give me time to revise before the deadline.

On the subject of movie kisses: Six Days, Seven Nights: Blech. Doesn’t work. Charlotte Gray–nope, and all the more disappointing for an earlier, more emotional scene. The kiss was flat as paper.  REviewing movie kisses will be an ongoing fetish for me. So feel free to join in (TV kisses too). Who does good kisses?

And on the subject of the Criminal Minds season finale: WTF? Anybody want to comment on that?